Personal loan: Discover our financing solutions

    Do you want to finance projects that are close to your heart: buying a new or used car, carrying out work or decorating your home, organizing a family trip? With the Personal Loan from our platform, you have the money you need at any time without having to use your savings. You know precisely the amount of your project, the duration and the monthly payment corresponding to your budget.

    Personal and Professional Loan

    Depending on your project (auto, goodwill work, etc.) and the desired duration, we offer you the best rate on the financial market

    Mortgage or Real Estate Loan

    Whether for your main residence, or for the purpose of making a rental investment. We offer you the best rate on the market!

    Redemption of Your Credits

    Do you have to repay several loans? Find out more and consolidate your credits, your debt will drop significantly

    Our loans:

    01 – The borrower must be of legal age.
    02 -Fixed annual rate of 3%
    03 – The maximum repayment period goes from 1 year to 30 years in order to avoid going against the law on usury.
    04 – Repayments adapted to the borrower’s budget.
    05 – The borrower will have to present an acknowledgment of debt after obtaining funds on his account.
    06 – The first repayment is made 3 months after obtaining the funds.
    07 – The borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from their acceptance.
    08 – Funding received within 48 hours after acceptance of the file for the personal loan and 6 days for the mortgage.
    09 – Upward or downward adjustment of repayments possible every 6 months.
    10 – Request for postponement of a possible monthly payment that every 1 year.
    11 – Early repayment also accepted.
    12- You must accept to open an offshore account with our partner financial institution. This grants you the privilege to get your loan within 48 hours and follow the necessary steps to get your money within 48 hours to your local account.

    This site is dedicated to a credit platform to meet our financial needs. For your loans between private individuals, create your free file and borrow in peer to peer, participatory loan (CROWDLENDING), crowdfunding (CROWDFUNDING), WITHOUT ANY COMPLICATION OF FILE.Short-term credit, Consumer credit, Long-term credit, Auto / motorcycle credit, Credit between individuals, Real estate credit, Micro-credit credit, Personal credit etc.Since 1980, we have been providing individuals and small businesses with all of our expertise in the sale of remote credit solutions. Personal loan, revolving credit, repurchase of credit, mortgage but also insurance products

    Freedom in credit between individuals – Loan between individuals

    Be free to borrow money safely and at any time. Serious and fast credit between individuals: home loan, study loan or school credit, personal loan, investment loan – Credit buyback, debt buyback to bring together all your debts in a single credit, school loan for students, loan to finance the purchase of your automobile.

    We support the financing of your projects such as: the construction of your houses, offices, agricultural farms, we finance your travel plans, your business, or a project for which you need external financing.

    We invest in your major projects. This is reserved for companies looking for investors to finance their research projects, real estate projects, business takeovers and all other business needs.

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    – Quick response in less than 24 / H (except weekends). (Working days, answers guaranteed in less than 24 hours)

    – Without engagement .

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