The strength of an association and its team are its values ​​and the meaning it gives to its actions. So, I take this opportunity to say thank you to Almighty God the great architect of the universe as well as to my collaborators, partner and all that they have contributed to this funding platform in one way or another. other by fundraising. Our capital is 136 million euros thanks to a fundraising carried out between 2014 and 2017, which gives a rebirth to our rapid financing platform without complications of peer to peer file.With long experience in the areas of mortgage, personal loan, crowdfunding, crowdfunding and loan redemption, we offer borrowers a personalized study of their online loan application files. This specialized organization is able to ensure quality monitoring throughout the online credit application submission process. To do this, it relies on its expertise in the financial sector and on a wide range of offers from the best credit institutions. This allows it to offer formulas that meet the expectations of borrowers with competitive rates. We guarantee to people who entrust their online application files, tailor-made financing solutions with the best loan conditions.

TAILOR-MADE FINANCING AT THE BEST RATE ,Our covers different types of real estate loans such as amortizing credit, bridging loan, zero rate loan, renegotiation of real estate rates, rental investment, loan in fine. borrowers to group together consumer loans, revolving loans, tax and family debts as well as real estate loans.In addition, this broker provides its customers with a very ergonomic and easily accessible financial calculator, allowing them to calculate the cost of his mortgage online. In addition, efficient and practical simulation tools are available to allow him to study in detail the file of each applicant. We are the only ideal partner to take advantage of the best financing solutions.


PEER TO PEER LOAN: The loan between individuals, also community credit (in English peer-to-peer lending, P2P lending or sometimes also social lending) is a financial activity which consists of the lending of money between reliable and serious individuals, under the form of remittance of funds with written or other reimbursement commitment.

The simplicity of this system allows any natural person or company to seek credit without going through credit institutions (eg traditional banks) or credit organizations. With our platform you no longer need banks to finance your projects. The aim of this system is to sharply reduce the interest rates charged, by limiting the costs of bank intermediation and refinancing

PARTICIPATORY FINANCING: This involves getting money lent by voluntary individuals interested in your project, the reason for your loan application or even for a business creation: as your business grows develops, you repay them each month with interest for a defined period. This type of credit protects the borrower from credit

THE PARTICIPATORY LOAN: Given the current difficulty for companies to obtain conventional bank loans, the participatory loan is more and more in demand.


-The capital is assimilated to own funds
-Absence of capital dilution
-Better rating: strengthening equity capital improves financial analysis ratios. The company is therefore strengthening itself with its partners
-the manager retains the management of his company
-No guarantee, neither on the assets of the company nor on the patrimony of the manager
-Flexible nature of repayments depending on the cash flow

A young dynamic team, available that meets your expectations